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How to motivate yourself to get up when you hit rock bottom

How To Motivate Yourself To Get Up When You Hit Rock Bottom (Opinions of 7 Expert Bloggers)

There are times in our lives when things don’t go well with us. Times when it seems like everyone and everything has conspired to make us suffer. Times when we hit rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom can make you lose motivation, it can steal your happiness (if you let it), you get tired and eventually,…

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21 motivational quotes

21 Motivational Quotes

There are moments when we just need nothing but motivation to keep us going. Moments when we feel so weak especially when things don’t go so well with us. Here is my list of 21 motivational quotes for this week.   “Never compare your journey in life with someone else. It might leave you feeling…

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4 simple stress management techniques


Hectic and stressful days are no joke, as they are one of the reasons we are broken and torn apart most of the time. 4 SIMPLE TIPS FOR REDUCING STRESS 1. TAKE A COLD SHOWER: Terrifying huh? Surprisingly, cold shower has many benefits that most people don’t know about and its ability to help you…

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Habits that will steal your happiness

5 Habits that will steal your happiness

There are definitely habits that will always rob you of your happiness if they are incorporated into your life. Happiness depends on our attitude and that is the truth. Last time, I made a list of 20 awesome quotes on happiness. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely check it out. 5 HABITS…

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Why you shouldn’t think of suicide as a solution.

At some point, we all get fed up with the disappointments in life, the depression, frustration and stress we get from schools, workplaces, friends, families, strangers and all the ugly things in life. You feel like your life is a mess and it seems you cannot win. Death can seem preferable to life when you…

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  I’m too skinny, I’m too fat, I’m ugly, I hate my hair, I hate my skin color, I hate my eyes, I hate my nose, I don’t perform well in examinations, I always experience criticism, my opinions don’t matter, I’m too short, when I post pictures on social media, I don’t get so much…

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What really is true happiness?

Happiness is the emotional or mental state of a person which can be influenced by activities/events or emotions. When I was younger, I used to say I wanted to become very rich so that I can buy all I want and that will bring me happiness. Well, that is probably what most kids think. The…

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