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Get going

5 Awesome life lessons from the E-book “Get Going”

I read this E-book written by Temitope Banks some weeks back and I found really good life lessons that made me nod in agreement. So I decided to share them here although my views, ideas and opinions have been interwoven with the lessons. They are in harmony anyway. Enjoy! Take responsibility for the things that happen…

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Life changing habits

Unbelievable habits that can turn your life around for good

Habits are contagious, are your habits worth catching? Bad habits are more contagious, they are picked up so easily and more difficult to let go. It takes strength to pick up a really good habit and courage to make it a part of you. In this post, I’ll be talking about 4 unbelievable habits that…

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How to control your anger with these 5 simple steps.

That moment when your kid refuses to listen to you or cooperate with, your colleague or stranger keeps bugging you, your roommate keeps disturbing you with loud music when you are trying to rest or read. Do you fume when people ask you irrelevant questions? Or when people keep taking what belongs to you without…

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how to become a better you

12 ways to become a better you.

  This is a list of 12 ways to become a better you. Attempting to become a better you can help you identify and realise your potentials and help you grow as an individual. Love yourself and make peace with yourself: Everything starts with your mindset. Your mindset can either ruin you or make you….

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Bad habits you should drop


Habits are usually things we pick up by imitating people or by starting it on our own. Most habits are dangerous, some are annoying, some are good and some do not have pros and cons. In this post, I will be talking about those habits we need to drop as soon as possible. PROCRASTINATION: This…

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  I’m too skinny, I’m too fat, I’m ugly, I hate my hair, I hate my skin color, I hate my eyes, I hate my nose, I don’t perform well in examinations, I always experience criticism, my opinions don’t matter, I’m too short, when I post pictures on social media, I don’t get so much…

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